Music Centers Fun!

Each day when students enter the music room, there is a chorus of "Are we having centers, today?" Kindergarten students at AEEC have centers daily in their classrooms, but centers are a special treat in the music room. We use centers to learn, create, explore and reinforce skills we are practicing both in the music room and in our regular classrooms. Here are some images from our recent center times together!

Make your name center. Students practice making their name with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. 

Magnet center. These gentlemen were so proud that of their alphabet work!

Feeding Mac the Music Monster is a music room favorite! He likes to eat music notes of all kinds, letters, numbers, words, names, rhythm patterns, and shapes! Students create "food" for Mac and then feed it to him! 








Rhythm Towers

We are always working on reading rhythms in the music room. One way we are practicing that skill is by reading rhythm maps and creating rhyhtm towers. In December, we made our rhythm cup towers in the shape of Christmas trees. Our students had a blast reading the map and finding the cup with the correct note to add to the tower next. After following the maps a few times, they enjoyed making their own maps to follow. These friends are excellent rhythm readers. We currently can read and write rhythms containing quarter notes, pairs of eighth notes, quarter rests, and half notes.
Working together to read the map.

Showing off their finished product!

Holiday Program

Last Friday, our school celebrated our annual Holiday Program. We had a wonderful time together singing songs and performing routines in celebration of this marvelous holiday season. Our kindergarten friends have been working since October to memorize the words and routines for their program, and their hard work showed on Friday as they dazzled their audience with their performances all day long! We sang about Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in our multicultural holiday program. We have had such a lovely time learning about each holiday and the different tradidions and special parts that come with each celebration. We have learned that we all may not celebrate on the same days or in exactly the same ways, but that we all celebrate with joy!

Our opener, "O Come Little Children"

Scarves routine for "Celebrate with Joy"

Sticks routine for "La Navidad"

Thank you!

One of our favorite kinds of songs in the music room are the songs we learn to sing for someone special or for a special event. My friends from Ms. Macintire's class learned this "Thank You" song to thank our wonderful custodians for all that they do to keep our school running so smoothly, as well as so sparkling clean! Thank you Mr. Carl, Mr. Jimmy, and Mr. Joe!! We love you and appreciate you!

Welcome to Music at AEEC!

We have been having a blast in the music room these first few weeks of school! We have been singing, dancing, creating, and learning together! One of our most favorite activites in music is feeding Mac the Music Monster! He is our friendly music helper and our students love to help him keep his belly full of music notes and words, letters, and numbers! Here's a look at how to feed the music monster!
First, you should write down what you would like to feed Mac.
He likes numbers, letters, words, and music notes best!
Be sure to fill up your whole paper, and both sides; he is very hungry!

Then, just drop your paper in his mouth and he will munch it up!

Music Memory Books

Our music friends have been working diligently on creating their Kindergarten Music Memory Books. These books will help them remember their favorite things about their kindergarten music experience!
Here are a few photos of some wonderful excerpts as well a video of two orange pod friends reading their books!

Hip Hip Hooray! Yellow Pod is singing at PTA!

Please join us for Yellow Pod’s
PTA Performance on
Monday, May 7, 2012 at 6 pm!
Yellow Pod will be singing their favorite
songs in celebration of their Rainforest theme.
Please dress your student in a green shirt and
khaki or denim bottoms and come
to the YELLOW Pod at 5:50 on Monday night.
Students will rehearse in Yellow Pod while parents attend the
 PTA meeting across the hall in the Tiger’s Den.
 We will then join you for our performance!